Eastern Repousse and Chasing Tools


What if you had one set of chasing & repousse tools that could create every shape, design or style that you could imagine?


All the perfectly shaped and polished chasing tools you need in one set. 


Create your best work with Victoria Lansford’s Eastern Repousse and Chasing Tools.


You have a clear picture of the work you want to create

Maybe you have an array of repousse tools by other people or maybe you’re looking at all the sets out there and are confused.

Maybe you try tool after tool, but the tips tear through the delicate sheet metal, slide and skate across its surface, or create a rough and clumsy pattern.

There is a better way (and it’s a lot more fun)!

Chase, repoussé, texture, create relief high or low in intricate detail.

Chasing and repousse tools. Unlike any other chasing and repousse tools.

Made in partnership with Fretz Tools, Victoria personally tests each tool in every set.

All the tools you need in one compact set.

There are 2 Line tools, 3 Push tools, and 3 Planishing tools in each set. Whatever your repousse technique, style, height, or level of detail, these tools will do the job.

The small tools fit even the tiniest spaces

You’ll never again need to buy or make a specific tools for a new intricate design. You’ll already have them.

When students ask for my recommendation on repoussé and chasing tools, without hesitation, my response is ‘The set of 8 Eastern Repoussé Chasing Tools designed by Victoria Lansford’. I love how versatile they are, comfortable and lightweight, and the results are unbeatable. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

— Nicole Ringgold, nicoleringgold.com
Nicole Ringgold - work in progress with Eastern Repousse Tools
Nicole Ringgold – work in progress with Eastern Repousse Tools

The Making of Victoria Lansford’s Eastern Repoussé Tool Sets


Holding the Large Line Tool

Hold them at the neck, between the thumb and first 2 fingers. No matter the size of one’s hands, this gives enough clearance to hammer without hitting knuckles. Holding the tool at the neck keeps the tool from skating or skidding across the metal. 

The tools can be held with a more relaxed grip, which is much easier on your hands.


Sold as a set only. Not sold individually.

Receive a $10 off code in your email.* Go to Eastern Repousse and Chasing on Vimeo on Demand, purchase the downloadable video from Vimeo, and enter the code at Vimeo’s online checkout.

Purchase the tools and DVD combo from this page. The $10 discount is automatic.

Victoria’s Eastern Repoussé Tools are packaged in a reusable container, and guaranteed for 5 years under normal repoussé use.

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