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For the Body – For the Home – For the World – For the Soul

Objects d’Arts & Jewelry

Relativity Navigator, Rotating Russian filigree, chased, granulation, and gilt pendant on a Roman chain by Victoria Lansford; photo by Pat Vasquez-Cunningham

Calligraphy & Illumination

Peacock Splendor III by Victoria Lansford

Sculptural Metalwork

Turtle Screen panel #4 in progress

Chasing the initial lines on the Turtle Doors for a superyacht’s media screen

Stay in touch with all the latest artwork and news

Stay in touch with all the latest artwork and news

Wearing one-of-a-kind art jewelry reminds you who you are and what you’re about even when you have to appear to fit in. This is your rebellion. This is your power.

Show Them You Are Powerful

Sila II, pendant of Eastern repousse patterned mokume gane and Luna, fold formed mokume gane earrings

Experience Victoria’s Multi-Award Winning Book

What happens when you mix ancient Egyptian art, Medieval illumination, and metalsmithing?

"Giving Voice arrives like the fall of cool rain in the desert…a sweet and gentle relief."
– multi-best-selling author and artist of the Griffin & Sabine trilogies, Nick Bantock

Giving Voice is the winner of a 2019 IPPY for best ebook design, a 2020 e-Literature Award for best multi-media book, and a 2020 finalist of the National Indie Excellence Award for best interior book design.

Giving Voice’s original story, calligraphy, paintings, and soundtrack converge to explore how the dots of our lives connect and how the small kindnesses we show each other can literally change the course of someone’s life.

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Ancient techniques in contemporary art

One of a Kind Artwork

Victoria creates one of a kind, award winning artwork ranging in scale from wearable art jewelry and hand illuminated artist books to bespoke architectural metal installations for one of the world's largest super yachts.

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Videos, Books, Tools, and Apps

Victoria’s instructional videos are now on Vimeo! Victoria’s unique tools and supplies for Russian Filigree and Eastern Repousse, her internationally acclaimed instructional video and book series, Metal Techniques of Bronze Age Masters, and her iPhone™ app, iMakeJewelry have sold throughout the world and set the standard for distance learning in art and fine craft.



Victoria teaches specialized metalsmithing workshops at schools, universities, guilds, and art centers around the world. She has generated an international revival of nearly lost metalsmithing techniques and paved the way for metalsmiths to rediscover them.

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