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Eastern Repousse Turtle Panels for Super Yacht Media Screen

Copper, wood, and aluminum

61″ tall x 82″ wide x 3″ deep when closed

These commissioned, Eastern repousse panels were forged and wrapped around wood and aluminum frames to create sliding pocket doors to cover the media screen in the lounge of a bespoke, 69 meter super yacht built by Feedship.

The Eastern repousse panels were forged from 4 sheets of copper that were riveted together to form the 2 pocket doors. As per the client’s request, the design was rendered in multiple circular textures and then punched to allow light through the screens. The patinated doors were lacquered to protect the finish.

At this time there are no available images of the turtles installed on the super yacht.

These videos highlight some of the making of these panels. The project began in late 2015 and shipped in August, 2017.

See this project’s companion commission for the Main Saloon of the super yacht at