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The à la Carte Floral Module for Eastern Repoussé Course Alumni

Master the Overlaps and Underlaps of Floral Relief Work

Victoria has created a new intermediate/advanced module on how to chase beautiful overlapping and undulating flowers and leaves specifically with Eastern repoussé.

It’s now open, for a limited time, to past students of the Eastern Repoussé In-Person Workshops and Online Courses.

Just in Time for Spring!

Exclusively for Alumni of Victoria’s Eastern Repoussé Courses

Create your own bouquet!

From the masterful metalsmith who never does anything by halves comes the be-all, end-all course on translating flat sterling or copper sheet into flowers and leaves of intricate depth and detail.

  • Make even the thinnest, flattest petals pop off your metal as they curl, come forward, or recede in space all with your chasing hammer and Eastern Repoussé Tools.
  • To serrate the leaves or not to serrate the leaves?
  • Roses? Tulips? Poppies? Aspidistra? Pansies? Calla Lillies? You decide!
The central, Eastern repousse section of the necklace Eternal Spring in progress

It’s a major challenge for nearly half of my Eastern Repousse students – how to translate the technique into beautiful flowers and leaves.

Invariably, every time I have ever taught Eastern Repousse over the past 3 decades, some students design lovely flowers to “puff out.” And every time they get to the stage of chasing from the front, they get super confused about how to make the petals overlap so that some come forward in space while others recede.

I always explain that the steps are not different from overlapping abstract shapes, but the students always end up a bit more frustrated than the students who choose non floral designs.


Well, it’s not the technique, and it’s not their skill level.

It’s our brains.

Unless you’re adept at drawing like a Renaissance master, when you begin sculpting something even a little bit representational, your brain does something completely unhelpful.

Your brain can make you panic. It recognizes the pattern of a flower, for pattern recognition is our brains’ super power. Just when your brain starts thinking, this petal undulates and overlaps, so I should puff out here and later countersink here, the (dreaded) Inner Critic can kick in. The Inner Critic doesn’t want you to screw up because it wants to keep you safe. It tricks you into believing that you’ll somehow get the design “wrong,” and you’ll end up with wasted time and an unsatisfying piece. This inner dialogue can become louder than the belief that you know how to translate what you’ve learned into what you want to make. This turns into doubt about where to hit, when, and how hard.

Does this part come forward?

How do I make it do that and how much do I push it out from the back?

How much do I countersink it it from the front?

How to I make the metal curl backwards and undercut underneath the other leaf?

How the heck do I make this flat iris look 3D???

It’s just a dogwood flower. Why is this so hard?

The truth is that it’s not hard, but to say that sounds like gaslighting.

So this last time I offered Eastern Repousse online, I built and added something new:

A detailed bouquet of exactly how I take those questions and hammer their answers into metal.

Work In Progress from the Floral Module by Student Judi Schwartz


All the overlapping and underlapping and undercutting you could ever want to know about for flowers, leaves, or anything else that needs to look a bit lifelike.


What if you took my course before I added this stuff? How can you get all the info without having to pay for the whole course again and repeat all the projects you’ve already done?

Would I leave you wilting in confusion? No of course not!

For you special past students, I’m offering this as a stand alone course with that same ability to ask questions and get feedback on these new demonstrations and projects.

Yep, just the flowery bits in all 6 hours of glorious, up close detail, a course dashboard just for you, and 2 live sessions where you can pick my brain all you want.

Since it’s not the full Eastern Repousse course, there is special pricing, and since my email service has been behaving badly the last week, I’m honoring the early bird price an extra couple of days until Monday.

Access to All the Demos and Course Material Begins Monday, March 27, 2023

Live Zoom Q&A Coaching Sessions on

Thursday, April 13 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT
Thursday, May 4 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT



Calla Lily by Floral Module Student Ruth Grenning
Calla Lily by Floral Module Student Ruth Grenning
Nearly finished - roses from the Floral Module - profile - Victoria Lansford
Nearly finished – roses in profile from the Floral Module

How Does It Work?

  • Work at your own pace with 6 hours of super detailed, 4K demos.
  • Get your questions answered daily by Victoria via the classroom dashboard.
  • Come together for 2 live Q&A coaching sessions via Zoom. (scroll down for details & dates)
  • Relax, breathe, and learn with 10 weeks total access to all course content.
Beginning to chase and define the petals after puffing up the design - Eastern Repousse
Round 8 of the Roses: Beginning to chase and define the petals after puffing up the design

Is This Course Right for Me?

Sorry! No! This is an intermediate/advanced Eastern Repoussé course. If you’ve not learned the basic steps, you’ll be lost.

Nope! Come on in! If you’ve got the steps down and been happy hammering, then you’ll probably enjoy this course. There are a LOT of demos that you can stop, slow down, and watch repeatedly to help you learn.

Maybe. Consider watching one of her videos or using your class notes to practice the steps on a small piece to refresh your memory. If you’re still struggling to hammer consistently, stay tuned! Victoria will offer her Extended Eastern Repoussé Online Course again in 2024. Be sure to get on the mailing list to know when it becomes available.

Yes!!! You’re ready to bloom!!!

Nope! See the FAQ list for more.

Sorry! If you haven’t done the video projects and gotten a working knowledge of the basic steps, you’ll be lost.

Good news! This Floral Module is now also part of Victoria’s Extended Eastern Repousse Online Course, which will be offered again in 2024. You’ll be able to start at the beginning of the technique and work all the way through the Floral Module too. If you’re on the mailing list, you’ll know when registration opens again. If you’re not on the mailing list, sign up via the button at the very top of this page.

Send an image of your Eastern Repousse work to You’ll be notified of the next steps.

What Do I Need to Do in Order to Bloom? (and other FAQs)

Please note there is no special supply list for this course!

Since you’re already an Eastern repousse-er, you’ve already got all the tools, pitch bowl, etc. How much metal you buy depends on how many pieces you wish to make. Please get at least a 2″ x 3″ (5 cm x 8cm) sheet of 24 gauge (.5 mm) of copper or regular sterling in “dead soft.”

You may wish to purchase additional sheet or whatever you need to finish your piece(s). Since you already know all Victoria’s processes for soldering a wire rim or folding over the edges, these techniques will not be covered again in this course.

The course dashboard is on a Padlet, an easy to use platform that looks like a private Pinterest board.

If you’ve not used Padlet before, no worries! If you struggle with the technology to access online course materials such as Vimeo videos, Zoom, or websites, please consider getting a friend or family member to help you get set up. If you feel tech challenged, Macs and PCs may be easier for you than iPads or tablets.

Access begins March 27, 2023.

Nope! They’re recorded and linked on the course dashboard to watch at your convenience. If there are in depth questions you need answered live, simply add that to the course Padlet dashboard, and Victoria will be sure to cover them even if you’re not there.

Please see the “Is This Course Right for Me?” section for details.

necklace; photo by Pat Vasquez-Cunningham
Eternal Spring, Eastern repousse necklace; photo by Pat Vasquez-Cunningham
Nearly finished - roses from the Floral Module - Victoria Lansford
Nearly finished – roses from the Floral Module
What Others Have to Say

What makes Victoria’s Eastern Repoussé & Chasing Course So Special

Fantastic Teacher

I learned repousse’ back in the 90’s, but haven’t done much since then. I took a Zoom class with Victoria and my love of this technique has been reignited! She is a fantastic teacher and her methods make it so much easier to achieve amazing dimension and detail than how I originally learned. It’s a really satisfying way to work metal and Victoria’s love of the technique really comes through in her teaching. She is very thorough and explains everything in a way that is very easy to understand.
Susan Urquhart
Lulubug Jewelry

“Victoria is a true artist and shares her gift teaching with patience, passion, good humor, and enthusiasm…”

I just so enjoyed this class—you’re very kind, incredibly well-spoken, and humorous, and everything is so educational. I know that I’ll continue to learn and use these techniques wherever I go, and they will be in my bag of tricks. I am really thrilled. Thank you so very much.
Terry Henry

Fabulous Experience

Victoria’s online Eastern Repoussé was a fabulous experience. Her approach to teaching is well organized and techniques are thoroughly explained both live and with pre-recorded close up videos. Victoria gave us thoughtful critiques as we progressed and I really enjoyed watching the show and tell presentations of everyone’s work. I’d highly recommend this class and hopefully I will get a chance to take another one with her.
Linda Wade

Access to All the Demos and Course Material Begins Monday, March 27, 2023

Live Zoom Q&A Coaching Sessions on

Thursday, April 13 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT
Thursday, May 4 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT

All sessions recorded and available for watching shortly afterwards.
Access to Course Ends Monday, June 5, 2023

Enroll now!

Eternal Spring, Eastern repousse necklace
Eternal Spring, Eastern repousse necklace; photo by Pat Vasquez-Cunningham