Circe’s Revenge


High relief Eastern repousse cuff bracelet
Sterling silver

2-1/2″ x 3″ x 2″, Fits a medium size wrist.

My recent artwork is born of a love of Art Nouveau design and an obsession with contemporary Arabic graffiti. The ‘C’ forms within this cuff’s design are reminiscent of certain descenders in Arabic alphabets but also echo my use of spirals as symbols of the cyclical. Spirals come around like circles, but as in life, the seasons, the universe, and everything, nothing comes back around to the exact same point.

With its circular forms peeking (or peaking in this case) out from under each other as they wrap around the wrist of the wearer, I was reminded of the root word for circle: Circe, my favorite character from The Odyssey, and my favorite “bad girl” of Greek mythology. My Eastern repousse cuffs take months to create and tend to challenge my patience as Circe challenged Odysseus’, though through cunning he won too.

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