Sila II


Eastern repoussé pendant from dimensionally patterned mokume gane with kum boo, suspended from a Roman chain

fine silver, sterling, copper, shibuichi 22k, 24k gold, Koroit opal​

3-1/2″ x 2-1/8″ x 5/8″, 22″ chain

In Middle Eastern lore, Sila are the highly intelligent, shape-shifting djinn. Tolerant of humans, they are often portrayed as female though are the least often seen type of djinn. Their name (pronounced see-lah) may be linguistically related to the Middle English word, seelie, meaning good fairy.

The inspiration of these shapes in my artwork comes from my love of Moorish archways and the genie bottle shaped, blown glass and gilded holiday ornaments that belonged to my grandmother.

There are so many exotic design styles from antiquity that speak to me far more than the current trends in art jewelry and commercial design. Never one to merely imitate the past, I meld the feeling of my favorite design styles from history while always striving to speak these lines and curves in my own voice. My artwork lies at the intersection of others’ past and my present.

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