Turkish Nights III


Eastern repoussé, chased, kum boo, and engraved amulet, Suspended from a Roman Chain

Sterling, fine silver, 24K, 22K Gold, Koroit opal

2-1/2” long x 1” wide x 3/4″ high

I have long had a fascination with sacred architecture. The Lascaux caves, ancient Egyptian and Indian temples, high Gothic cathedrals, classical mosque, their forms are most human, reflecting the endless mystery of creation in subtle shapes.

The importance of embellishment is not limited to the outside. The inside of this amulet is painstakingly decorated with hand engraving and 24 gold foil. The back is chased to echo the shapes of the front. The Koroit opal reflects an abstract landscape with intense blue sky, giving airy contrast to the amulet’s architectural form.

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