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Eastern Repousse II: Rings & Cuff Bracelets – Beginning September 25, 2023

– Transform Your Eastern Repoussé Skills into Stunning Rings and Cuffs



Eastern repoussé

cuff bracelets and rings

in designs of your own

Transform Your Repoussé Expertise into Stunning Rings and Cuffs

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What other say about the Eastern Repoussé II: Rings & Cuffs course

I love this class!

Padlet makes it easier to see where your learning is going before you actually do it. Then when you do it, you can see the step by step process as you work. When something’s not going as planned you can review it again. I try to watch all the videos before the due date and then do the actual work along with the video. It takes longer than I thought, but I feel I’m really learning. It really helps to have such a wonderful teacher!
Jane Regnier

This class was perfect. 

The way you broke up the lessons allowed you to take the time to make complete examples of a complicated process that you’ve perfected over years of experience. It’s easy for me to watch a demonstration and think I’ve got a good sense of how the work should proceed.  Then when I start to work I discover I must have missed something, a bit of information I will have to improvise to fill a gap in my understanding.  With Padlet I can go back to see the show again (often more that once) and pick up what I missed. Very useful indeed.
Thank you for taking the time to do this.  I’m sure future students will get as much out of it as I did. And perhaps most of all thank you for your generosity of spirit.
Tom Booth

This course was fabulous!

I love the Padlet style and ability to go back and forth to rewatch stuff as needed, and to have the Zoom sessions be interactive with the tutorials separate. I’m sad to see it end and looking forward to more great stuff.
Angela Peiso
Jewelry Artist

Chased and repoussé cuffs are the Holy Grail of repoussé work for jewelry. Ever since I released my DVD, Eastern Repousse & Chasing in 2009 with my very first Eastern repousse cuff bracelet on the cover, people from all over the world have been asking me to teach a dedicated course on this topic. “I want to make cuff bracelets,” is the #1 reason people tell me they want to learn Eastern repousse.

What might you might not know is that my cuffs became iconic because, many years ago, teaching the fundamental technique of Eastern repousse led me to a creative breakthrough.

My students would often ask if it’s possible to repousse a strip of sheet in relief and then bend it into a cuff. No way! That’s like trying to repoussé a flat disc and then forging it into a bowl afterwards; you would lose all your detailed relief.

The idea that the entire structure needed to be forged from the technique that defines it was hard for people to understand. I decided I’d have to demonstrate it and then the fun began.

Other teachers have attempted to hang onto my coat-tails and promised they could teach chased or repousse cuffs bracelets. Unfortunately, what they offer is low relief with repousse mostly in the center of a strip and the tips bent around to form a bracelet.

But those are not structurally repousse cuffs. 

Making beautiful repoussé cuffs requires simultaneously creating both the relief design and the cuff form itself, all while keeping the metal happy.

The idea that the entire structure needed to be forged from the technique that defines it was hard for people to understand. In demonstrating the right way to do it, I pioneered the process and created a whole series of Eastern Repoussé cuffs in different alloys, including sterling, gold bi-metal, and mokume gane.

Now through the magic of online classes, I’m able to share my entire cuff bracelet process with you.



Delve into the ring project first in order to expedite learning the steps and grasp the whole process quickly


Create an optional 2nd Eastern repoussé ring featuring a stone set within the relief.


Develop your creative intuition around the design process and requirements for structural integrity and folded edges.


Progress to a cuff bracelet of your own design and go from puffing out to detailed chasing from the front, all with many demos, ample class access time, and individualized instructor support to finish it.


Learn keum boo (eutectic gold foil bonding) on cuff bracelets for added surface design options.

What others have made studying with Victoria

Achieve levels of skill that you didn’t know you had

Victoria’s workshops are presented in a clear and engaging manner that is both highly informative and entertaining. As students, our skill-set was dramatically improved during the course of a workshop. We were able to put the techniques we learned to immediate use, and made the cost of the workshop back on the first piece we sold.
John and Corliss Rose

In Japan, Victoria would be considered a national treasure…

Victoria teaches techniques used for millennia to create many of the great works of art one can see in museums. She has found many tricks that streamline and improve the processes, and she uses them to make strikingly contemporary pieces rooted in the ancient world. Students are given a series of challenges and opportunities to grow their own inner voices and are encouraged to create works unique to them, at their levels of ability. The number of places one can learn these skills in the US can be counted conveniently on one’s thumbs. In Japan, Victoria would be considered a national treasure, and she would be funded to pass these skills on to the next generation.
Al Boyers

The Michael Bublé of teachers

Victoria, you are the Michael Bublé of teachers. If you’ve never seen him perform, it’s a real treat because he is so connected to his audience. When he’s on stage it’s all about the audience, not about him. His ego is nowhere to be found, and you teach the same way. You love what you do, and it comes through in your teaching. Thank you for that!
Geraldine Brophy

Course begins September 25, 2023 with access to the first demonstrations

Over 11 hours of detailed demo videos that include

How to design each project

The Complete Ring Process

How to Create a Ring with a Stone

The Complete Cuff Process

How to Translate the Concepts into Your Own Designs

Successfully Folding Edges for Visual and Structural Integrity

Kum Boo on Cuff Bracelets


Over 10 Hours of Live Q&A Coaching Calls

All sessions on Fridays, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST via Zoom

Friday, September 29, 2023

Friday, October 6, 2023

Friday, October 20, 2023

Friday, November 3, 2023

Friday, November 17, 2023

Friday, December 1, 2023

Friday, January 19, 2024 – Final capstone live session

Course access to all demos and live session recordings plus support from Victoria through February 19, 2024


A bonus lesson on how I do keum boo on Eastern repoussé cuff bracelets

Eastern Repoussé II: Rings & Cuffs is Specifically for individuals who have a working understanding of the steps of Eastern repoussé
and who have previously studied Eastern repoussé with me through my online course, in-person workshops, or DVD/streamable video Eastern Repoussé & Chasing.
Eastern Repoussé Ring of sterling with 22 karat set gem silica
Eastern Repoussé Ring of sterling with 22 karat set gem silica

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of my online students cannot attend any of the live session because of time zones, work, or other obligations but still do fabulous work in the courses and are able to connect with me and each other through the dashboard asynchronously.

Access to the live session, coaching calls will be posted on Padlet (the class dashboard) within 24 hours.

All of the Q&A session recordings, demonstration videos, the ability to ask questions, and request feedback will be available to students until February 19, 2024.

Although you won’t get lifetime access to these recordings and demos, the handouts, of course, are yours to download and keep forever.

This course is exclusively devoted to Eastern Repoussé rings and cuff bracelets. I discuss how I go about the cuffs in my online Eastern Repoussé course and my DVD/VOD, and occasionally in my in person Eastern Repoussé workshops, I have taught the ring project. In this house, however, I devote all 10+ hours of detailed demos to the ring then the cuff process. This course is the only place I have ever taught the full cuff process. (See the table below for a comparison of my Eastern repoussé courses and videos.)

The same tools as you used for Eastern repoussé in-person, online, or with the DVD/VOD, plus different metal supplies. A complete list of tools is available here. Please note! You do not need a account to access the PDF. No login require.

No. You will need to purchase Victoria Eastern Repoussé & Chasing Tools here or from Rio Grande. If you have made your own set of Eastern repousse tools from Victoria’s video, AND they are the same diameters, and lengths as her commercially available tools, they would work for this course.

My course Eastern Repoussé II: Rings & Cuffs is a metalsmithing and jewelry course designed specifically for individuals who have previously studied Eastern repoussé with me through my online course, my in-person workshops, or my DVD/streamable video Eastern Repoussé & Chasing. This advanced course empowers people to master the art of creating exquisite rings and cuff bracelets using the Eastern repoussé technique, but they must be familiar with the exact steps of Eastern repoussé, or they will quickly be confused.

Yes! I’ve included a bonus lesson how I make the gold foil (you can purchase it already made from Rio Grande too) AND demonstrate my entire process for eutectic bonding the foil to cuff.

No, but I’m thrilled to teach people in the comfort of their studios. Running my own online school takes an enormous amount of time, but it allows me to teach people around the world without the physical pain that traveling was causing me. I miss spending time with people in person, but I don’t miss hauling heavy suitcases and walking miles in airports. Now, everyone gets a front row seat with more individualized help and the extended time to learn complex projects and techniques that I was never able to offer in person.

In this highly effective online course method you’ll…


Enter a new realm of individualized, online metalsmithing that gives everyone a front seat for live group Q&A coaching for their projects, fits demos within your own studio schedule, and creates a strong sense of community. Victoria will answer questions between sessions via Padlet, the private course dashboard. You’ll receive continued support from Victoria throughout the 5 months of access to ensure you have time to translate these techniques into more of your own projects and designs.

Access close-up, step-by-step demonstrations in high res, 4K video to watch as you work along at your own pace.

A week before each of the live sessions, you will get access to new demo videos to watch as you work at your own pace. Start and stop as needed. Easily find demos you’d like to repeat. Work asynchronously, when your schedule or time zone allows, knowing you’ll have the support and community you need without getting overwhelmed.

Total access with instructor feedback:

5 months.

FeatureEastern Repousse Extended CourseEastern Repousse Video on VimeoEastern Repousse Video on DVDEastern Repousse II: Rings & Cuffs
Hours of Live Session Q&A Coaching Support12 hoursnonenone10 hours live support
Hours of Demo Content16+ hours of demos5 hours 30 min5 hours 30 min11+ hours of demos
Can Watch on Any DeviceDVD player only
Access for Life
Limited-Time Access (through Feb 19, 2024)
Contains module for Repoussé Animals
Contains the new Floral Module
Contains how to create Rings & Cuff Bracelets
Get questions answered via Course Dashboard
Q&A Forum Archive Access
Filmed in 4K
Filmed in 720 (lower resolution)
Prerequisite for this course or formatBasic jewelry and metalsmithing skills (Must know how to solder with a torch)Basic jewelry and metalsmithing skills (Must know how to solder with a torch)Basic jewelry and metalsmithing skills (Must know how to solder with a torch)Must have taken Eastern Repousse from Victoria or done her DVD projects