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Relativity Navigator

Rotating Russian filigree, chased, granulation, and gilt pendant on a Roman chain
22K, 24K gold, sterling, fine silver, Koroit opal

Relativity Navigator, Rotating Pendant

1-7/8″ in diameter, 5/8″ deep, 24″ chain

photos by Pat Vasquez-Cunningham and Victoria Lansford

After looking at images of astrolabes I became rather obsessed with the idea that a rotating wearable piece might show different perspectives within the same image. Both the front granulation disk and the starfish shaped Russian filigree piece behind it rotate. As they move, the view through the windows on the front disk changes.

I’m fascinated by the implications of General Relativity theory and all that black holes and quantum theory might indicate. The fixed point below the opal, which holds everything in place, is a metaphor for the belief that we as humans seem to need a fixed point or idea around which to exist even though Einstein has taught us that there is no such thing as a fixed point anywhere in the universe.

The colors on the still photos are true to the piece. (They do not show up as well on the video due to lighting constraints.) The colors were achieved with patination throughout and 23k gold gilding on the inside of the back dome. Each component is lacquered to prevent tarnish or alteration of the patina.

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