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3-D Filigree Online – Hosted by Metalwerx July 27- Aug 5, 2021 (Int/Adv)

Say goodbye to flat filigree and take yours to new levels of interest as Victoria demystifies all of her intricate 3D filigree structures. Discover her no-fail method to understanding the process as you learn to think in dimensional filigree, then move on to the complex forms including twist-ups, mobius puzzles, and fabric folds for which Victoria is famous.

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About this class


We’ll start out with a small sculptural pendant to discover all the technical considerations needed to bend and form soldered filigree. Next we’ll unlock the secrets for designing your own sculptural forms. Learn what shapes of frames and filling styles lend themselves to what types of bending, the different tools and ways to bend, how to avoid wires becoming unsoldered, and how to fix them when they do. Expect to complete at least 1-2 projects.You’ll receive a downloadable booklet with templates and suggestions you can print and work from. Get live coaching to help you master these concepts and have real-time help and answers while you practice (camera required and second device suggested). Everyone will have access to both the recorded live class and the high resolution recorded demos to see magnified detail from the comfort of your own studio.

SKILL LEVEL:This is an intermediate filigree class. This class will focus on designing and fabricating beyond the very basics, so it is essential that you already know how to twist filler wire and how to construct and fill filigree frames. You don’t have to be a master filigree worker, but you do need some experience with tension fitted, open back, filigrana, Russian filigree, or Yeminite filigree. If you learned from Victoria’s Russian Filigree video or studied with her, Milt Fischbein, or another of Victoria’s longtime students and gone on to make at least a few pieces, this class is for you

Say goodbye to flat filigree, and take yours to new levels of interest. Learn how Victoria designs and forms her complex filigree structures. Begin with a no fail method for dimensional filigree and move on to the complex forms you dream of making. Get help with designing, soldering, and forming to bring your ideas to life in a limited size Zoom classroom.


Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT

July 27 – August 5, 2021

All sessions recorded and available for 30 days after the class is finished.

Where: All classes will be held on Zoom. Students will have access to demonstration videos and class recordings for 30 days after the final class. New to Zoom? Watch the video at the top of this page to learn how (and have a good laugh).



The same tools and equipment you normally use for Russian filigree plus a few extra. For a complete list, please visit Metalwerx’s website.

3-d Russian filigree tools - Victoria Lansford
3-d Russian filigree tools
Spellbound III, Russian filigree earings by Victoria Lansford; photo by Pat Vasquez-Cunningham


This course is designed for those with a working knowledge of Russian Filigree from Victoria’s video or in-person workshops, or a workshop with one of her highly accomplished former students such as Milt Fischbein).

To get the most out of this class, everyone should have an understanding of how to create frames from square wire, make fine silver filler wire (or purchase it ready made from Victoria), fill the frames with filler wire, solder them, and polish the pieces to completion. You don’t have to be advanced at these processes yet, but you do have to done them a few times. You’ll also need your own studio space with a torch in which to work on the projects.

Need to get up to speed?

MetalwerxMetalwerx offers an array of filigree classes from beginning to advanced. Check out their upcoming filigree classes!upcoming filigree classes!

In Aria, Russian filigree and Vertebrate chain necklace
In Aria, Russian filigree necklaceStorms of Juno, Russian filigree cuff bracelet by Victoria Lansford

Storms of Juno, Russian filigree cuff bracelet


Russian Filigree video for download/streaming


Russian Filigree video for download/streaming

Interested in this class but need a refresher or to get up to speed? Watch Victoria’s video Russian Filigree.

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