Original pattern Side Weave Mesh chain bracelet with a clasp of Eastern repousse and keum boo
fine silver, sterling, 22k gold, Koroit opal

I have long had a fascination with religious architecture. From the Lascaux caves to the ancient Egyptian temples to the high Gothic cathedrals to Hagia Sophia Mosque to the erotic temples of India, their forms are most human, reflecting the endless mystery of creation. I find archways and domes of these styles to be undeniably feminine, transformational symbols of renewal, rebirth, reflection, and reunion. The Indira body of art jewelry abstracts these archways and architectural forms into small scale objects that can be worn or held close to the heart.

7-1/2″ long x 1″ wide x 3/8″ deep

Links can be added or subtracted for sizing.​

This chain pattern is featured in the book, Metal Techniques of Bronze Age Masters: All Chained Up