In Aria, Russian filigree “Fabric Fold” necklace


Russian filigree and Vertebrate chain necklace with Dolomite set in 22k gold,
22k gold, sterling, fine silver, Dolomite

In stock

In Aria (1st) & Ribbon Dance (2nd) in Motion

Excerpted from my 3D Filigree class

Russian filigree necklace section 4-1/2″ wide x 2-1/2″ long x 3/4″ high, total length 19-1/2″

The title comes from the Italian word for lace, meaning substance out of nothing, and describing fabric created out of thin air. My concept was to form an undulating textile like structure that, though strong and unbending, would appear as ephemeral as the folds of fabric. I named this type of 3D filigree structure a “Fabric Fold” for this reason.

I love to create sculptural objects with the technique of Russian filigree. I draw the dimensional designs first then mentally unfold the structures, redrawing them as they would be flattened out. I then use these drawings to create paper models to test how the finished structures will bend. My paper models provide templates for the Russian filigree frame designs that I eventually curve and form into the finished sculptural pieces after I solder all the tiny tension fitted wires into place.

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