Granulation Rings – Online Workshop with Victoria Lansford

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Granulation Rings

An Ancient Technique Made Contemporary

Join me for this online workshop and learn to fuse sterling silver and 18K gold granules and wire in the manner of the ancient Etruscans, Egyptians, and Greeks. This straightforward method provides immediate gratification with very little clean up! Create traditional or contemporary patterns, while fabricating a pyramid and 2 rings.

The technique for wire appliqué and granules on sheet, as well as the ability to fuse metal before forming or soldering, provides endless opportunity for stylization and individual design. Victoria will present a number ways to achieve different patterns for a variety of types of jewelry.

Ready to expand your fiery horizons?

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Wondering what is the difference between this live online class and my Granulation Demystified class on Craftsy’s platform?


In this class you’ll create 2 ring projects: One is a small granulation sample soldered to a wire granulation shank. The other is a cluster granulation ring like Nebula II, the sterling ring with an amethyst.


The demos are all in 4K. The camera work is not quite as fancy as on the Craftsy class, but the resolution is super sharp and clear. You’ll have access to these 4K demos outside of class, so no matter what your internet connection is like or what Zoom does, you’ll be able to see incredible detail.
The timing on soldering and fusing in this class is a bit more like real life (and less edited to fit Craftsy’s class formula).


I demo how to weld granules with a Micro TIG welder in addition to fusing them, and I give an overview of how I incorporated that process to create ‘Majestic’ the gold and silver pyramid ring with the pink tourmaline on top (see the product gallery images above).

How It Works

Get Your Questions Answered Between Sessions and for 30 days after class.

Victoria will answer questions between sessions via Padlet, a private virtual space. You’ll receive continued support from Victoria via Padlet for 30 days after the final live session to ensure you have time to translate these techniques into more of your own projects and designs.

Access close-up, step-by-step demonstrations in high res, 4K video to watch as you work for 30 days after the final class.

You will have access to both the live recorded classes and the demo videos to watch as you work at your own pace. Start and stop as needed. Easily find demos you’d like to repeat without getting overwhelmed.

Can’t be there live? No problem!

You’ll have access to the both the live class recordings and the individual detailed demos for 30 days.

What students have to say

These courses prove that you really care

As an educator myself, I appreciate the sheer amount of time you put in the preparation of all those materials and videos. With the care you take you have raised my work to another level. These courses prove that you really care about your students and their success.
Delores Heiden

In Japan, Victoria would be considered a national treasure…

Victoria teaches techniques used for millennia to create many of the great works of art one can see in museums. She has found many tricks that streamline and improve the processes, and she uses them to make strikingly contemporary pieces rooted in the ancient world.u003cbru003eStudents are given a series of challenges and opportunities to grow their own inner voices and are encouraged to create works unique to them, at their levels of ability.u003cbru003eThe number of places one can learn these skills in the US can be counted conveniently on one’s thumbs. In Japan, Victoria would be considered a national treasure, and she would be funded to pass these skills on to the next generation.u003cbru003e
Al Boyers

The Michael Bublé of teachers

Victoria, you are the Michael Bublé of teachers. If you’ve never seen him perform, it’s a real treat because he is so connected to his audience. When he’s on stage it’s all about the audience, not about him. His ego is nowhere to be found, and you teach the same way. You love what you do, and it comes through in your teaching. Thank you for that!u003cbru003e
Geraldine Brophy
Casablanca VII, 18k granulation on sterling ring with peridot