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Etched Copper Room Divider for Bespoke Super Yacht

Etched, pigmented, and patinated on both sides
Copper, steel, twine, and pigment; patinated, lacquered, and suspended within a wood, steel, and brass frame
98″ tall x 75″ wide, curving within a 12″ deep frame

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This commissioned screen functions as a room divider for the Main Saloon on a bespoke, 69 meter, super yacht, built by Feedship. It is shown here temporarily hung prior to shipping. The curve of the screen conforms to the layout of the room and allows light to filter in between the panels. The bright copper of the raised ares and the burgundy and blue hues of the patinated background are designed to glow in the sun filled space, especially at sunrise and sunset.

There are 104 copper panels, each measuring 218mm x 105mm and etched, patinated, and pigmented on both sides. With exactly 30mm between each panel, they are designed to hang rigidly in a curved formation with twined S hooks in between.


At this time there are no images of this screen installed. The framework is completely hidden by columns built into the main saloon, and the screen is lit from above.

See the making of this piece, including videos at

See the Turtle Screen, its companion piece on the super yacht.