Starlit Nights


Russian filigree post earrings

Platinum enhanced sterling, fine silver, platinium bonded chalcedony drusies

In stock

2.75” x  1” x .25”

Photo by Pat Vasquez-Cunningham

Starlit Nights are part of the Celestial Collection, inspired by my passion for astronomy and my love for twinkling stars amidst dark skies. The Russian filigree elements were created with platinum enhanced sterling for the frames and pure silver for the indivually formed filler wires. They wrap around the chalcedony drusies that have been vacuum bonded with platinum to create their uniquely fascited brilliance. The lower portions dangle to reflect the light and sparkle.

Like all of my earrings, Starlit Nights are surprisingly lightweight and specifically designed to be comfortable for anyone to wear. For those concerned about dangly earrings, please click here.

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