Soul Cloud


Soul Cloud, Russian filigree necklace on a Roman chain

18k gold, 22k gold, Koroit opal

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Soul Cloud, 18k and 22k gold Russian filigree pendant on a 22k gold Roman chain, featuring a natural Koroit opal

Pendant: 2.125″ x 1.375″ x 0.5″; The 22″ chain is adjustable, allowing the necklace to be worn at full length or higher up to accommodate different necklines.

Photo by Pat Vasquez-Cunningham

The undulating, dimensional, Russian filigree wraps around the bezel like a ribbon to create the illusion of folded lace. The filigree is composed of a continuous 18k yellow gold frame with a high polish and multiple 22k yellow gold, scolloped filler wires with a matte finish. Each filler wire is shaped individually and tension fitted into the frame before micro-welding and soldering.

The Koroit opal cabochon sparkles green/yellow from the front and flashes blue with red highlights when rotated side to side. Its depth is unparalleled. This unique stone is completely natural and is solid opal, not a doublet or triplet. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.The pendant is suspended from a handmade, 22k yellow gold, loop-in-loop chain with a forged 18k gold clasp.

​Learn more about the Techniques and Materials in this one-of-a-kind piece.​

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