Sea Star II – Russian Filigree Ring


22k gold, sterling, fine silver, Koroit opal

fits sizes 7 to 7.5

Like real starfish in motion, this Russian filigree ring echoes the asymmetrical shapes of starfish I’ve observed in captivity and in the sea. The Koroit opal, set in 22k gold in the center, is from Queensland, Australia. I love Koroit opals for their flashes of intense, deep color that remind me of snorkeling in the Red Sea and the Caribbean. I created the shank and starfish’s frames from square, sterling silver wire before individually sculpting and tension fitting each tiny filler wire inside. Soldering (brazing) with Russian Filigree Powdered Solder holds the wires together. The work is slow and meticulous, but the results are utterly unique.

1.25″ x .875″ x 1.25″, fits sizes 7 to 7.5

photos by Pat Vasquez-Cunningham

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