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The desire to encircle the fingers with symbols of loyalty, wealth, and power is an ancient tradition dating back thousands of years. They are the most personal and most coveted of adornments. Through extensive demonstrations, learn the techniques, and most importantly the many tricks, for making exquisite unique rings of your own. Master bezel setting in silver or gold. Show your torch who is boss by fearlessly alloying small batches of gold, fusing bi-metal, and soldering complex forms. Sparkly drusies and other delicate stones can be challenging to use in rings, but Victoria has developed a style of ring that both protects the stones and shows off their glistening facets. Learn how to create a continuously textured design around the drusy and secure it to a matching shank. Build on these new skills while learning how to make a “poison” ring with a hidden secret compartment. Fabricate an entire ring with printed metal and learn how to make an easy hinge and tension fitted lid.

Download or stream Victoria Lansford’s highly informative video on making rings via Vimeo On Demand

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Companion eBook included with purchase

$59.95 (Purchase through Vimeo On Demand at the link above.)

Download or stream Victoria Lansford’s highly informative video on making rings via Vimeo On Demand

Learn to fabricate 3 ancient style rings:

Intaglio inspired seal ring

Drusy ring

Hidden compartment ‘poison’ ring

Learn the following techniques:

Alloying gold

Fusing 22K/sterling bi-metal

Plain, patterned, or stamped ring shanks that can be used for a wide variety of ring styles

Making easy hinges

Creating your own roller printing designs

Great tricks for successful gold or silver bezels

Includes a downloadable e-book* to keep the corresponding directions and step-by-step photographs on your bench and membership to an online Q&A forum with Victoria.

*See the bonus material for instructions on how to download your ebook. (The ebook contains instructions for signing up for the Q&A forum.)

Approx. running time: 2.5 hrs.

Purchase at the link above.

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Rings for Download


Hate it when a bezel is too tight to fit your stone? I can show you how to fix that.

Love drusies? Make a ring that will show them off while keeping  their fragile crystals from getting chipped.

Wondering which bezel thickness and width to use for different stones? Here’s how I do it in silver or gold.

Think alloying gold is beyond your reach? Watch how easy it is to do in small batches, and save money by recycling your own gold scraps.

Think hinges are scary? Learn how to make an easy one for a ring with a hidden compartment (poison, Borgias, and annoying dinner guests not included).

Want to make durable gold ring tops but still want money leftover for tools, stones, food, and heat? Discover how to make gold-silver bi-metal.

I spent weeks remastering the video content, optimizing it for download, and editing and reformatting a second edition of the companion ebook. That meant hours and hours of watching a slightly thinner and less gray me showing the ins and outs of so many things that you won’t learn anywhere else. Spending all that time with my own content, there are a few things I can tell you now about Rings that you may not know:

1) This is the place where I show all the other fabrication tricks, tips, and techniques that there isn’t room for on Russian Filigree, Eastern Repousse & Chasing, or Granulation Demystified. That’s a ton of information you can use in all your fabrication projects, not just rings.

2) It’s the funniest of all my videos!

In 2006 when I forever raised that bar of what instructional fine craft videos should be, I had two very clear goals: make certain people can clearly see exactly what I’m doing, and make the information accessible so people can put it into practice immediately. Partly because of the technology at the time, the handful of available instructional videos for detailed art and fine craft were notoriously difficult to learn from. When I began filming the Metal Techniques of Bronze Age Masters series, I insisted on the most advanced technology I could employ so that my videos would help people learn for many years to come. I was an early pioneer of what today is ubiquitous on YouTube, and I’m so very proud to have made that contribution to the field!

Arc IV, chased, drusy ring; photo by Pat Vasquez-CunninghamPeople learn best when they are relaxed and enjoying themselves. It’s the opposite of school (particularly art school). If you’re laughing, you’re not thinking about how difficult something seems or worrying if you’ll be able to do it. So, yes, I crack a lot of jokes and ham it up…all in the name of education…ok, and, well, yes…because I can’t resist. Learning should be fun!

Seriously, people frequently tell me how much they enjoy how “real” I am on camera. When we meet in person they say that they feel like they already know me and that my laugh and smile are contagious. That they also often show me the results of what they learned, their actual projects from my videos, is proof that they way I teach works. That makes me smile even more.

Watch Rings and make something cool! Hidden Compartment ("Poison") Ring

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