Peacock Splendor III (Original Miniature)

There is no other color so rich as the blue of a male peacock’s neck and throat. It is strangely difficult to replicate in pigments or dyes because it changes with the angle of light, making it elusive to capture in flat color. It is my most favorite color.

Available as an original 5″ x 7″ (11″x13″ framed) painting ($2200) or as a limited edition, numbered and signed, 5″x7″, archival print ($65). The original is painted and illuminated (gilded) in watercolor, ink, gouache, and 23k gold leaf on real animal vellum.

Watercolor, ink, gouache, 24k gold leaf on animal skin vellum

The limited edition, numbered, archival (giclee) print has been painstakingly photographed to capture the brilliance of the colors and metallics as a print of superior longevity on cotton rag paper.


I have an all out obsession with peacock feather. Their rich hues and exotic feel first captured my attention in the mall store World Bazar when I was a child in the 70’s. For decades I never did anything about this obsession mostly because “serious art students” should never take inspiration in anything so cliche. Perhaps someone should have told the McIntoshes and the Glasgow Four, or Edward Gory. Like these art and design heroes, I’m now flaunting my feathers.

This miniature illumination (gilt painting) is based on the photo I took of the peacock at Los Poblanos.

Learn more about my peacock obsession here.


Purchase a print or the original

Original $2200., Archival Print $65

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