Linking Our Lineage, Volume 3

Linking Our Lineage: 10 Techniques from 10 Master Smiths, Volume 3
An Instructional eBook featuring tutorials by the 2017 SNAG Links Artists

Edited by Victoria Lansford

$12.99 All proceeds benefit SNAG

eBook sold only in the iBookstore. Click here to purchase.

SNAG hopes to release a print version of this volume in 2019.

Linking Our Lineage: 10 Techniques from 10 Master Smiths
An Instructional eBook featuring tutorials by the 2017 SNAG Links Artists

All proceeds from the book benefit SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths). The contributors and editor have created this book as a fundraiser for the organization.

Linking Our Lineage: Volume 3 ebook is now available in the iBooks Store on your iPad or Mac for $12.99. (Access the iBooks store through the iBooks app on your device.) SNAG will be releasing a print version of this book in 2017.

Linking Our Lineage: 10 Techniques from 10 Master Smiths Volume 3 is an ebook of jewelry and metalsmithing techniques with chapters by Phillip Baldwin, Kim Baxter, Sarah Doremus, Cynthia Eid, David Huang, Valentina Moeur, Mark Nelson, Claudio Pino, Matthew Smith
Munya Avigail Upin, and edited by Victoria Lansford.

The processes illustrated range from beginning to advanced and are presented with over 140 color photographs and 7 videos. The links created and written about by each artist were part of the 2017 SNAG Links Project, a fundraiser for the Society of North American Goldsmiths. All proceeds from this book benefit SNAG.

Table of Contents:

1. Claudio Pino- Micro Layered Fabrication
2. Cynthia Eid – Considerations in Forming and Fusing Argentium
3. David Huang – Gilding
4. Kim Baxter – Textured Fusing with Sterling
5. Mark Nelson – Detailed Organic Forms with Delft Casting
6. Matthew Smith – Hybrid Production Processes
7. Munya Avigail Upin – Textured Twining for Hollow Forms
8. Phillip Baldwin – Non-Ferrous Alloying
9. Sarah Doremus – Putting Politics into Your Adornment: Narrating with Jewelry
10. Valentina Moeur – Deep Etched Silver Champleve


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