Available as a limited edition, numbered, archival print (4″ x 6″ printed on slightly larger paper at $65). The original is painted and illuminated (gilded) in watercolor, ink, gouache, and 24k gold leaf on real animal vellum.

The limited edition, numbered, archival (giclee) print has been painstakingly created to capture the brilliance of the colors and metallics as a print of superior longevity on cotton rag paper.

Harriet is a Medieval style miniature of a beautiful, Masai giraffe with whom I spent some time at Sand Diego Zoo a few years ago. She graciously posed for a number of photos on which I based the portrait. Getting her unique and characteristic spots correct was about as time consuming as all the filigree in the three pairs of earrings combined. Fortunately, I could work on her as I traveled and taught around the planet in 2017 and 201. As giraffes go, she was exceptionally portable.

In stock

Medieval style miniature portrait of ‘Harriet,’ a Masai giraffe at San Diego Zoo


Purchase a Print or the Original

Original $2400., Archival Print $65.

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