Original pattern Vertebrate chain bracelet with a clasp of Eastern repousse with Kum Boo

Sterling silver, fine silver, 22k, 24k gold, chromium diopside

Dovetailed, Vertebrate chain bracelet with Eastern Repousse Clasp

7.5” long x 1.25” wide x .5” high

Photos Pat Vasquez-Cunningham

This bracelet features a Vertebrate chain, one my favorite original chain patterns that I have invented. The Vertebrate links are formed by hand into 3-dimensional shapes to create the raised braid along the top of the woven chain. The Eastern repousse and kum boo clasp is free-hand forged with minutely detailed chased designs on the surface and 24k gold kum boo highlights on the highest raised areas.

The piece gets its title from the dove shape of the repousse and the interlocking V shapes of the chain. I do love wordsmithing!

​Learn more about the Techniques and Materials in this one-of-a-kind piece.