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Ariadne’s Thread (with purple/blue pearls)


Victoria’s timeless and inventive series of woven pearl bracelets (sold separately) continues with the series Ariadne’s Thread, so named for the Greek mythological weaver. Made with pure silver and naturally colored, bluish purple, freshwater pearls, this reboot of her classic features a securely textured, sterling toggle.

Experience a fresh way to wear classic pearls that go from professional to evening and beyond. Wear them one a time for an understated elegance or many for a bohemian approach to color.

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I invented the process of weaving in pearls to this classic ‘crochet’ chain pattern more than 25 years ago. I use a continuous fine wire of pure silver to weave the structure and select and thread on in each individual pearl to create a spiral pattern. Even after weaving many many chains, this still remains a favorite process of mine. The pearls are classic and timeless yet this way of wearing them is as fresh as ever.

Clean in a pearl-safe jewelry solution. Other colors of pearls are available upon request.

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