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3D Filigree Jewelry – Hosted by Silvera Jewelry School – Beginning June 16, 2022


leave basic Filigree behind and 

Take the Next essential step in your jewelry making journey.



Working with precious metals is high stakes

And things always go wrong.

If you do a sketch, and it doesn’t turn out, you do another sketch. 
You can do lots of sketches, but in metal, you’re either going to melt it down and get the scrap value out of it, or you have to make it work.

So how can you create the work of your dreams?

Guess what?

Teaching students effective creative problem solving skills is one of Victoria’s Super Powers.



Master Victoria’s process for dimensional filigree with her no-fail teaching method.


Learn what shapes of frames and filling styles work for bending different structures, and see common bench tools and mandrels as new resources for your emerging shapes.


Learn how to avoid wires becoming unsoldered, and how to fix them when they do.


Avoid overwhelm with clear demonstrations of techniques that build on each other.


Bring your ideas to life and unlock your ability to create incredible design work in your own voice in silver or gold.

What Others Have to Say

The difference in Victoria’s online jewelry & metalsmithing courses

Achieve levels of skill that you didn’t know you had

I just spent the most wonderful class with one of the best teachers that I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. Victoria is a true artist and shares her gift teaching with patience, passion, good humor, and enthusiasm…she has an infectious laugh, and you can’t help laughing with her while she encourages you to achieve levels of skill that you didn’t know you had.
Patti D’Arbanville
Artist, Actress

The Michael Bublé of teachers

Victoria, you are the Michael Bublé of teachers. If you’ve never seen him perform, it’s a real treat because he is so connected to his audience. When he’s on stage it’s all about the audience, not about him. His ego is nowhere to be found, and you teach the same way. You love what you do, and it comes through in your teaching. Thank you for that!
Geraldine Brophy

These courses prove that you really care

As an educator myself, I appreciate the sheer amount of time you put in the preparation of all those materials and videos. With the care you take you have raised my work to another level. These courses prove that you really care about your students and their successu003cbru003e
Delores Heiden
D u0026amp; D’s Rock u0026amp; Wire

Unlock the secrets for designing your own sculptural filigree jewelry as Victoria reveals how she builds her complex structures including

  • Flip-ups
  • Overlapping curves
  • Spiral wraps
  • Möbius strips
  • Fabric folds

What You’ll Make

Our first project will be a small sculptural pendant to discover all the technical considerations needed to bend and form soldered filigree. Next we’ll unlock the secrets for designing your own sculptural forms as Victoria unveils her strategies and processes. Expect to create two-three, 3D filigree jewelry projects.

What others have made from studying filigree with Victoria

In this highly effective online course method you’ll…


Enter a new realm of individualized, online metalsmithing that gives everyone a front seat for live group Q&A coaching for their projects, fits demos within your own studio schedule, and creates a strong sense of community. Victoria will answer questions between sessions via Padlet, a private virtual space. You’ll receive continued support from Victoria via Padlet for 30 days after the final live session to ensure you have time to translate these techniques into more of your own projects and designs.

Access close-up, step-by-step demonstrations in high res, 4K video to watch as you work along at your own pace.

Each of the first 4 weeks, you will get access to new demo videos to watch as you work at your own pace. Start and stop as needed. Easily find demos you’d like to repeat. Work asynchronously, when your schedule or time zone allows, knowing you’ll have the support and community you need without getting overwhelmed.

Total work time with instructor feedback: 60 days.

Achieve levels of skill that you didn’t know you had

Victoria’s workshops are presented in a clear and engaging manner that is both highly informative and entertaining. As students, our skill-set was dramatically improved during the course of a workshop. We were able to put the techniques we learned to immediate use, and made the cost of the workshop back on the first piece we sold.
John and Corliss Rose

In Japan, Victoria would be considered a national treasure…

Victoria teaches techniques used for millennia to create many of the great works of art one can see in museums. She has found many tricks that streamline and improve the processes, and she uses them to make strikingly contemporary pieces rooted in the ancient world. Students are given a series of challenges and opportunities to grow their own inner voices and are encouraged to create works unique to them, at their levels of ability. The number of places one can learn these skills in the US can be counted conveniently on one’s thumbs. In Japan, Victoria would be considered a national treasure, and she would be funded to pass these skills on to the next generation.
Al Boyers

Expect a lot of ‘ah-HA!!’ moments will be had

You wont be disappointed with this class, and like me, I expect a lot of ‘ah-HA!!’ moments will be had! Enjoy!
Joan Geisler
Get Ready to

Say Goodbye to Flat Filigree

This online course is hosted by Silver Jewelry School

Frequently Asked Questions

No! This is an intermediate filigree class. This class will focus on designing and fabricating beyond the very basics, so it is essential that you already know how to twist filler wire and how to construct and fill filigree frames. You don’t have to be a master filigree worker, but you do need some experience with tension fitted, open back, filigrana, Russian filigree, or Yeminite filigree. If you learned from Victoria’s Russian Filigree video or studied with her, Milt Fischbein, or another of Victoria’s longtime students and gone on to make at least a few pieces, this class is for you.

Please consider learning basic filigree from Victoria’s online video Russian Filigree or her DVD on the same topic.

You can purchase ready to use 26 gauge, fine silver, filigree filler wire here.

You can purchase a Filigree Filler Wire Example Card here.

There is also filler wire making bonus video included to help troubleshoot these issues.

A complete list of tools is available here.

Yes! Access to the live session, coaching calls will be posted on Padlet within 24 hours.

Need more information?

This online course is hosted by Silvera Jewelry School

Lives sessions June 16, 23, 30, July 7, 2022

9:30-11am PDT (12:30-2:00 EDT)

Course access and support through August 7, 2022

Egyptian Lily, Russian filigree pendant on a Roman chain