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Wearing and Caring for Your Artwork


Let Victoria Clean it for you

Not sure how to clean your metal artwork that I made? Maybe the tarnish has gone too dark to remove with soap and water? Let me clean it for you. The only cost is the shipping.

Please email me a snapshot of the piece, and I'll send instructions for where and how to ship it and options for return shipping.

If you need to have a patina redone, I can repatinate it for a small charge. Please be aware that each color spectrum is a completely unique process and may not look exactly the same as it did originally. Once I see a photo, I'll be able to give you more information on the cost.

Please allow 1-3 weeks from the time I receive the artwork until you receive it back. If you need it sooner, please let me know.


Removing Tarnish

Lotions, natural skin oils, and even pollution can cause metal to tarnish, but removing it is fairly simple. The pearls, the patinas, and many of the stones can easily be damaged by commercial jewelry cleaners and ultrasonic machines. The best way to care for your art jewelry is to remove oils and excess oxidation by washing the pieces in warm water and a mild dish soap with an old soft toothbrush. Doing this often can prevent excessive tarnishing.

If the tarnish is too heavy on pieces that do not have pearls, opals, or patinas, I recommend using Jax Instant Silver Cleaner, followed by thorough washing with mild dish soap and warm water to remove any traces of chemicals.

If the artwork has a patina on it, please only use warm water, mild dish soap, and an old soft toothbrush to clean and brighten the color. You may also use a Sunshine or other polishing cloth on the shiny areas of any metalwork. Be sure to rinse off the artwork well afterwards.



The collages are sealed with beeswax or varnished. Wipe the surfaces with a soft damp cloth to remove dust.



Prints are designed to be matted and framed so that the glass does not touch the print's surface. The pigmented inks in the giclee printing process are archival and should remain colorfast for 100 years or more. Please note that It's always best to hang any artwork or photograph so that it is not hit by direct sunlight for long each day.


Handmade Books

Please contact Victoria for more information



High res, non-watermarked images are available for PR use in the Pressroom.


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