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A series of bracelets featuring an Original Chain Pattern and one of a kind clasps

Reticulation Clasp: 18K, 22K, Fine & Sterling Silver, Koroit Opal

Links can be added or subtracted for sizing.
© 2008, V. Lansford; ; $979.(sold)


This chain pattern is featured in the book,

Metal Techniques of Bronze Age Masters:

All Chained Up

Granulation Clasp: Fine & Sterling Silver, 22K Gold, Turquoise; links can be added or subtracted for sizing © 2008, V. Lansford; $729.

(bottom image, left to right)

1)Chased Clasp: Fine & Sterling Silver, 22K Gold, Peruvian Opal (sold)

2) Granulation Clasp: (See above)

3)Chased Clasp: Fine & Sterling Silver, Clinochlore; (sold)
8-1/2” long x 3/4” wide; Links can be added or subtracted for sizing.

© 2008, V. Lansford

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