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Project #4: Creating Multiple Levels of Relief


Victoria Lansford Presents
Metal Techniques of Bronze Age Masters:

Eastern Repousse and Chasing
an Instructional DVD for Metalsmiths


Eastern Repousse (dvd)


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Project #3: Creating Peaks and Planes

With this DVD

Learn the ancient techniques of Eastern repousse and chasing through 4 projects that take you from lines and texture through some of the highest most complex relief possible.

Learn tool making. Victoria's own tools have been replicated and are available for purchase as well.

A special "Conversation with the Masters" in which Victoria interviews her teacher, Giorgi Gogishvilli, and his teacher and father, Jemal Gogishvilli, discussing the recent history of the technique while they demonstrate working on a sculptural scale

Professionally produced for TV or computer with detailed close-ups

Included with purchase is a downloadable e-book to keep the corresponding directions and step-by-step photographs on your bench, and a dedicated online Q&A forum with Victoria.

Approximate running time 5 hours and 23 minutes.  Encoded for all regions


What Others Are Saying...

Your method makes pitch fun instead of a fright.

- Barb Taroni, California

The quality of your production is really top class, you should be rightly proud of such a fantastic project; That is just the production, which is, in my opinion head and shoulders above any other informative craft DVD I have ever seen.

- Stuart Griffiths, UK


Underwater Landscape V

Further discussion of advanced projects and alternative metals


Chocolate Bunny

Landscape of My Dreams II

A Rose for Bacchus

Echo Knowledge

Once and Future Box


The art of free hand hammering to achieve detailed sculptural relief is known as Eastern Repousse and chasing and dates back thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Scythians.

Whether you desire to create low or high relief, or realistic or abstract designs, the process of Eastern repousse will give you total flexibility and control to achieve your goals.



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8 tools is all you'll need to create any shape you can think of. That's the beauty of Eastern repousse.


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I. Introduction

II. Download the e-book
III. Supplies
& Suppliers

IV. Tool Making & Pitch Bowl Prep

  • Making Tools
  • Purchasing Tools
  • Steel Plates, Plasticine & Pitch Bowl Prep
V. Techniques and Projects

Chasing Practice

    1. Chasing Project
    2. Basic Repousse Relief Pendant
    3. Creating Planes
    4. Creating Higher Relief
VI. Further Discussion

Repousse with Bi-metal and Mokume Gane, Framing, and Cuff Bracelets

VII. Conversations with the Masters

Victoria interviews her teacher, Giorgi Gogishvilli, and his teacher and father, Jemal Gogishvilli, discussing the recent history of the technique while they demonstrate working on a sculptural scale.

VIII. Gallery

A portfolio of contemporary Repoussé works by many artists, including Tom Muir, Nancy Megan Corwin, Valentin Yotkov, and Victoria Lansford.

Bonus Online Q&A Support Forum

Purchase of the DVD includes membership to a dedicated forum for questions and answers, maintained by Victoria.

About the artist:

For 25 years post-conceptual artist, educator, and author, Victoria Lansford has created one-of-a-kind wearable sculpture and art objects that evoke the mystery and splendor of ancient masters yet are infused with her own provocative vision. Through her artwork, publications, workshops, and passion for creating, Victoria has generated an international revival of nearly lost, old world metalsmithing techniques, including high relief Eastern repoussé, Russian filigree, chain making, and granulation, and paved the way for metalsmiths to rediscover the variations from other cultures.

Her award winning artwork has appeared in exhibits at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the Wayne Arts Center, the Mulvane Art Museum, the von Liebig Art Center, Houston Center for Contemporary Crafts, Rochester Institute of Technology, and the Georgia Museum and in numerous publications, including the Lark 500 book series, Metalsmith and Jewelry Artist magazines, Repousse and Chasing (Brynmorgan Press), On Body and Soul: Contemporary Amulets to Armor (Schiffer Publishing) and on Home and Garden Television.

Victoria created the metals program and served as head of the Metalsmithing Department at Spruill Center for the Arts, Atlanta from 1997-2004 and was an adjunct professor at the University of Tennessee.

Her instructional publications in the series, Metal Techniques of Bronze Age Masters, including Russian Filigree (DVD, 2006), Rings (DVD, 2008), All Chained Up (paperback, 2008), Eastern Repoussé and Chasing (DVD, 2009) and her iPhone™ app, iMakeJewelry have sold throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.

Victoria earned her Bachelor of Arts in jewelry design and silversmithing at Georgia State University in 1993 where she studied with Richard Mafong and Gia Gogishvilli. Her artwork is in private collections around the world and is available in art galleries around the United States and through this website. She creates and lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

High res, non-watermarked images are available for PR use in the Pressroom.


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