Victoria Lansford


The Uncertainty Principle

Spinning Kum Boo, Chased, and Wire Granulation Pendant on a Roman Chain
18K Gold, 22K, 24K Gold, Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Koroit Opal, Plastic Mirrors
2" in diameter, 26" chain
© 2003, V. Lansford (sold)


This piece took over a year to complete. The top disk spins, and the opal points to a particular symbol. I love symbols and grieve the fact that there are hardly any indicative of American culture, so I drew from various sources, including alchemy and Norwegian hobo ideograms. Included are the symbols for fire, pregnant woman, and "safe to sleep in the barn." The back is pierced to reveal tiny mirrors inside that also spin. The title refers to the law in quantum physics meaning it is impossible to know both the exact location of a particle and its velocity simultaneously. It's a perfect metaphor for my often fragmented life. The only way I know where I am is when I stop moving at full speed.

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