Victoria Lansford


Underwater Landscape V

High Relief Eastern Repoussé Necklace
Sterling Silver

7" from claps down to bottom fin, adjustable to 16"
© 1995, V. Lansford; $1480.

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I have built and maintained fish ponds everywhere I've lived since 1989, even building a few extras for friends and family along the way. The ponds have ranged between the size of a buffet pan to the 11' x 8' "Lake Victoria" viewable from my workbench. The urban raccoons and blue herons that thrive in Atlanta have deterred me from having anything more exotic than comets, but the antics and, believe it or not, personalities of these fish have inspired many drawings and a few works in metal. I love being able to catch the twists and turns of their darting bodies in a material that would seem to defy their softness.

I have kept this necklace in my private collection for a number of years but have decided to let it go, provided someone will give it a good home, (feed it regularly, etc). I repoussed the fish and chased each scale with a tool that I made specifically for that purpose. The fish is curved laterally to ensure that it lays well across the upper chest and collar bones. The chain links are the bubbles it blows near the surface.

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