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April, 2017


The Brain

by Karen Reule

I was lucky enough to take Victoria's three day Russian Filigree Workshop at The Ranch Center for Arts and Crafts in Snohomich, WA in 2015. Victoria was a great inspiration during the class and encouraged each of us to find our niche. Since her class, I have been given the opportunity to make some wonderful custom pieces and I have definitely learned something new on each one that I have made. The Brain was a custom piece that was created as a Christmas present for someone special that works with stroke patients.

16 gauge sterling silver, 26 gauge fine silver

1 1/2" x 1 7/8"

2015, Karen Reule

Orange Bead Art




March, 2017


Going with the Flow

by DeAngeLea Snyder

I created Going with the Flow during Victoria's 2016 All Chained Up workshop held at Creative Side Jewelry Academy, in Austin, Texas. The clasp is 1” x 1.5” fused sterling silver with a 7mm green chrysoprase on Victoria’s vertebrate chain in 16ga fine silver. I learned a great deal while attending this workshop and found the experience invaluable. This has become my favorite bracelet and have used it as my reference model for several more projects.

Sterling silver, green chrysoprase, 16ga fine silver

1" x 1.5" clasp, 7mm green chrysoprase

2016, DeAngaLea Snyder



February, 2017


Tears of Light

by Jose G. Griego

I learned to make filigree jewelry through the excellent DVD created by Victoria Lansford. I believe this work is a skill I learned in a previous lifetime as it came very easily to me. I enjoy using gem stones in collaboration with silver filigree. The design element is especially interesting as I use my intuition and semi-dream states to create the designs. I look forward someday to meet Victoria and learn more through her knowledge and experience.

Turquoise and silver filigree

2.5" x 1"

2016, Jose G Griego


by Jose G. Griego



January, 2017


Vertebrate Link with Turquoise Oval Cabochon

by GeorgeAnn Valentine

Curiosity is the driving force behind my jewelry education choices. After owning a jewelry store representing artisan jewelry, the curiosity became overwhelming.

The desire to answer the question, “how do they do that?” drove me to actually try to do it myself. That combination of curiosity and the “how to” began my silversmithing journey 3 years ago.

Victoria offers her All Chained Up class where students learn to weave fine silver into her vertebrate chain pattern with tools already on your bench. Additionally, Victoria generously and, with humor, steps you through the process while sharing techniques for creating clasps that are functional and complete your design.

16 gauge fine silver wire, 18 gauge sterling wire for clasp, oval turquoise cabochon, 24 gauge sterling sheet

19.7mm x 34.8mm (7" long chain)

2016, GeorgeAnn Valentine


Vertebrate Link with Turquoise Oval Cabochonby GeorgeAnn Valentine






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