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December, 2016


Flowers with Opal Doublet

by Elizabeth Lyne

I have been making pieces with multiple layers of metal for awhile but I took Victoria's class to lean how to create dimension on a single layer of metal. I have etched a drawing of a flower on the blackened layer of sterling and then formed it to emphasize the petals of the flowers.

Etched Eastern Repousse Flower Pin

Sterling silver, 18k sterling bi-metal, fine silver, Australian opal doublet, stainless steel pin back

2.25in x 1.25 in

2016, Elizabeth Lyne

Flower with Opal Doublet # 1 by Elizabeth Lyne


November, 2016


Russian Filigree Flower Ring

by Lilli Lehtonen

This flower ring was my first Russian filigree piece after I attended Victoria's class in Austin, TX. It is made of two different sized flowers and in the middle there is gallery wire bezel with a freshwater pearl. The Russian filigree technique is really difficult, but when I made this ring I felt that Victoria's sunny spirit was with me and gently guiding me through it. In the future, I really want to learn and do more of this most beautiful and delicate looking technique.

Russian filigree ring

Silver wire and gallery wire (bezel), Silver 6 ga half round sterling silver (ring shank), Freshwater pearl

1.25in x 1.25 in

© 2016, Lilli Lehtonen

Russian Filigree Flower Ring by Lilli Lehtonen



October, 2016


The Tower

by Mary Americo

I loved creating this sterling silver poison ring with Victoria. It incorporates so many different techniques. Fabricating this embossed ring with the easy hinge and the secret compartment was a blast. I felt like I really created a sculpture that that I could wear, that was unusual, and was singular to me.

Poison ring

Embossed Sterling silver with Turquoise stone

25.4mm x 19.05mm x 9.53mm

© 2016, Mary Americo

Photo: Tina Wiltsie

The Tower by Mary Americo


September, 2016


Rings II

by Judy LeMosy

This drusy ring is one of several filigree projects that I completed after studying Victoria's Russian Filigree DVD and e-book. I took classes for about three years at the Des Moines Art Center (IA), but I still consider myself a novice silversmith. I worked on "Ring II" during open studio classes at the Art Center, and in my little studio in our basement.

After retiring in 2012, my husband and I sold our house to travel the country full time in our fifth wheel trailer. I kept all of my silversmithing tools and am currently in the process of trying to figure out a way to have a small bench in our RV so that I can continue my hobby during periods when we’re anchored in one place for a while. One of these days I hope to install my workbench, brush up on my skills, and attend one of Victoria's workshops in person. I think that would be great fun!

Russian Filigree Ring

Fine silver, sterling silver and brown drusy agate

18mm x 22mm x 28mm

© 2012, Judy LeMosy

Ring II by Judy LeMosy


August, 2016



by Lynn Occhiuzzo

I think passion, is what drives people to create art. The urge to make something, just because it feels right and it's in you to do. It's both thrilling and rewarding. That’s what I want to do. That’s what I want to help others discover they can do too.

Lynn and OQZO Metalsmith Jewelry Making Studio are based out of Hillsborough, NC.

Granulation earrings


2.5 in x 0.5in

© 2016, Lynn Occhiuzzo

Spears by Lynn Occhiuzzo


July, 2016


Marquise Repoussé and Chased Pendant

by Lauren Harris

I chose Victoria's lessons because I really felt a connection between her designs and my own. Marquise is my first Repoussé and Chased piece featuring a gemstone. The rare and unusual are my passion! I prefer to use Austrailian gems, especially the Killiecrankie diamond, and New Zealand's exquisite Blue Pearl.

To know a gem's origin and its history is something I enjoy passing onto my clients. I like to think of my work eventually becoming antiques and family heirlooms. I'm confident that with a little care, my jewelry will stand the test of time.

Marquise Reposse and Chased pendant set with teardrop Golden Labradorite

Sterling silver, Goldern Labradorite

2.5 cm x 7cm

© 2014, Lauren Harris

Marquise Reposse and Chased Pendant 

by Lauren Harris


June, 2016


Wire Granulation Ring

by Judy Bruwer

No need to wait until Thursday for a great throwback. This Wednesday's pic of the month is by former student Judy Bruwer. Judy now teaches in Johannasberg, South Africa. She learned granulation and ring techniques when she studies with Victoria at Spruill Center of the arts in 1998.

Sterling silver, Fine silver, 18k Gold, Amethyst

Wire granulation ring with rotating bezel

© 1998, Judy Bruwer

Judy Bruwers (Judy van Aswegen)

Wire Granulation Ring by Judy Bruwer



May, 2016


Filigree Ring

by Anna Brittingham

Sterling silver, Fine silver, Garnet

18mm x 22mm x 20mm

Size 7

© 2016, Anna Brittingham

My goal is to create jewelry that is refined and detail oriented. The bulk of my inspiration comes from the natural world and from architecture. I especially like the patterns and designs I find in plant life. When I see an interesting bit of nature I bring it home to either hang on my wall or press in a book. My love of collecting nature and looking at beautiful architecture has found it's way into my metalsmithing. The contrast between organic and inorganic forms and textures is very interesting to me. This is what I am to bring to me pieces.


Filigree Ring by Anna Brittingham


April, 2016


Pearls of Wisdom

by Dina Steele

I began making jewelry in March 2015. My passion was born from the loss of my grandmother and the need to use my creativity to foster healing. Among the jewelry that my grandmother left behind for me was a vintage filigree pin. I was amazed by the details and artistry. In my quest to learn this incredible art form, I was led to Victoria Lansford. Much like the oyster, which takes an irritant and from that creates an object of beauty, my loss has led me to embrace the art of filigree. Hence, the title of this piece , "Pearls of Wisdom".

Argentium Silver, Fine Silver, 22k Gold, 18k Gold, Sterling Silver, Lapis backed Rutilated Quartz, and Golden South Sea Pearls

Size: Pendant/Filigree: 5" width x 5.77" length; 18mm x 122mm Lapis backed Rutilated Quartz; 11mm Golden South Sea Pearls; 20" fine silver handmade chain

© 2016, Dina Steele

Pearls of Wisdom by Dina Steele


March, 2016


Sophia's Desire

by David Ely

My inspiration comes straight out of my love for vintage jewelry (Sophia's Desire being kind of a variation of the Fleur De Lis  design). I started as a dental technician in 1969, waxing and casting gold teeth.  After college I worked at a manufacturing jewelers for a few years, and  then studied gemology with the GIA while working in a retail AGS store earning a Graduate Diploma in between raising children and running a small jewelry and antique shop for years. In 2008 I took an advanced stone setting class with Blaine Lewis and more recently in 2013 and 2014 took hand engraving workshops with Tom Patterson at the John C. Campbell Folk Art School, and now of course I have begun working with Victoria Lansford which I highly appreciate. 

Sterling Silver Filigree, Rhodolite Garnet, and Cultured Pearls

Size: Approximately 2.5" x 1.5"

© 2016, David Ely

Sophia's Desire by David Ely

















February, 2016


Art Appreciation - A Lifetime Endeavor

by Suzanne Dugas

When commissioned by my 93 years young mother to design a Russian Filigree Ring to adorn her finger, her request was my command. Thanks to my training with the most remarkable and master filigree artist, Victoria Lansford, the ring below now adorns my mother's finger for all her friends to envy.

Sterling frame, Fine Silver Filigree and Green Topaz

Size: 8

© 2015, Suzanne Dugas

Art Appreciation - A Lifetime Endeavor by Suzanne Dugas


January, 2016


Poison Ring

by Susan Harris

I am Susan Harris, and I made this poison ring while watching one of Victoria’s DVDs. It is a gift I made for a vineyard owner I know in Italy. While visiting him and his girlfriend in Tuscany he made a reference to the correct way to pour wine in case the one pouring had on a poison ring! I use sea glass that I've collected from the Caribbean in most of my jewelry.

Sea glass from St. Martin, French West Indies, sterling, fine silver

Size: 9.5

© 2015, Susan Harris


Poison Ring by Susan Harris Poison Ring (view 2) by Susan Harris Poison Ring (view 3) by Susan Harris


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